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How to Get Extra Mileage Out of Your Running Shoe

Whether you are an amateur twice-a-week jogger or a serious competitive runner, one thing doesn’t change – you’re going to need a good pair of running shoes. While it isn’t exactly recommended that you shell out on the most expensive pair of running shoes from the moment you resolve to do some jogging, it’s wise not to go too cheap either. The reason being that you’re not actually going cheap at all – even casual running will wear out a pair of poorly made running shoes in no time.

But getting a good pair of running shoes is just one way to ensure you have this most important part of your running kit for as long as possible. All running shoes will eventually have to be replaced; they are subjected to a serious amount of strain after all, and they work as hard as you do. Accordingly, a proper care routine is essential if you don’t want to be replacing them within a few weeks.

Combat the Smell

Caring properly for your running shoes will also solve another serious problem, which is perhaps more of an issue with running shoes than any other type of footwear – the smell. It is no front-page news that your feet will sweat quite a bit more when you’re running than when you’re simply walking to the bus stop. So if you want to stop your running shoes stinking out your closet when you get home, a good shoe spray for odor is a very wise investment. You might want to try something like ShoeFresh, an excellent shoe deodorizer that can keep your shoes smelling fresh for weeks with a single spray.

Tips for Making Your Running Shoes Last

But regardless of how they smell, running shoes are no use if they physically fall apart. Here follows some top tips for getting extra mileage out of your athletic footwear:

Store Them Properly

It might sound a little ridiculous, but you should try to store your running shoes like a fine wine. That means keeping them out of direct sunlight and away from heat as this can dry out your shoes in the worst way possible. This will then cause the midsole to harden, in turn reducing the cushioning effect and even their overall durability. In severe cases, heat and sunlight can even cause them to shrink!

Give Them Some Space

Hopefully, your running shoes will not be languishing at the bottom of your shoe closet if you’re using them often enough. But if they are, be sure not to crush them under stacks of other shoes as this can reduce the pliability of the upper parts of the shoe and can ultimately wear them down.

Dry Them Properly

If you are a regular runner, then it is all but inevitable that your shoes are going to get wet from time to time. This is unavoidable, but be sure to dry them out properly. The best way is to remove the insoles and stuff them with newspaper. This will not only absorb moisture but will help keep the overall shape of the shoe intact.

Give Them a Break

If you run every day, then the recommended 48-hour rest necessary for the foam to decompress may not be possible. But then, if you run that often you’re probably serious enough about it to invest in a second pair. A little break from exertion is essential to make your shoes last.

These are just a handful of shoe care tips – there are many more – but by following this advice, you can be sure to get significant mileage out of your shoes.

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