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How to Set Up a New Hair Salon

When a person decides to go out on their own and set up their own hair salon, they have many things to consider.  One of those considerations is money.  When starting from scratch, a new hair salon business will need to buy a lot of hair salon equipment

Start-up Items

If money is a problem when starting up a new hair salon, there are different ways to purchase the necessary hair salon equipment.  Sometimes, a prospective hair salon owner can buy out a currently running business.  Although the equipment will all be used, it is an effective way for a new business owner to make sure they have all the items they will need when they open their doors.

The second option for a new business owner is to purchase all new hair salon equipment.  This is a good idea when the business owner is setting up something like a spa. Customers expect the equipment in a spa to be luxurious.  They feel like they are going to a spa to be pampered and everything around them should feel lush and opulent. Having equipment that shows wear and tear will not sit well with spa patrons.

But keep in mind that buying all new equipment is the most costly path.  Buying all new hair salon equipment works if the business owner is able to carry a large debt load.  It also works if the business owner has investors or deep pockets themselves.

The third option for buying hair salon equipment is to do it slowly over time and start with used equipment.  Since the business owner probably won’t have a large clientele, to begin with, they can start with only one used chair and work their way up.  They can use the profits from the first haircut to add smaller items one by one.  It’s slow and probably frustrating, but it avoids debt.

What is Needed

When purchasing hair salon equipment, the business owner will first need a chair. After all, customers need a place to sit while they have their hair styled.  The styling chair is going to be one of the bigger purchases.

If the business owner decides to buy a used chair, they should check it out carefully for appearance.  Customers should not sit on cracked leather or stained upholstery.  The chair must be sound – it can’t tip to one side or have problems in the lifting mechanism.

Here is another place where new equipment can be helpful.  Usually, a new styling chair will come with a one-year warranty and possibly a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.  Used chairs won’t provide that.

Backwash Units

The second large investment piece of hair salon equipment is the backwash unit.  Customers expect their hair to be washed before the cutting and styling takes place.  If money is a constraint, it’s possible to buy a portable shampoo bowl sink.  This item is much cheaper than a backwash unit and can be rolled over to the styling chair.  It will be easier to take along if a business owner makes house calls.

The drawbacks of a portable shampoo bowl sink are obvious.  The salon owner will have to use a pitcher to pour water on the customer’s hair, and there needs to be a place to drain the sink.

The other way to go is to purchase a pedestal-style shampoo station and then just roll the styling chair up to the sink.  This piece of hair salon equipment will be permanently installed into the plumbing at the hair salon and will be much easier to manage.  It’s also much more professional.

At hair salons that have been open a long time, customers are accustomed to sitting in a backwash chair that is permanently attached to the sink and permanently attached to the plumbing.  This is the most comfortable position for customers and the easiest position for the stylist.  It’s important to have a ceramic bowl for easy cleaning.

Once a new hair salon owner has purchased these two pieces of hair salon equipment, they will need to start purchasing smaller items.  A station trolley is a great investment for keeping all the tools handy and for later on when there will probably be more than one chair in the salon.

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