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Top Infant Walking Shoes

We all have our favourite list of top stylish infant shoes. Many of us have a list of our favourite shoes, not only for there style but also beneficial aspects for child foot development while learning how to walk. This list will help you to buy the best shoes for your child.

Get The Best Infant Walking Shoes

  • Crib Shoes

Is it necessary for my infant to wear shoes as a new-born? It is advised to keep your baby barefoot in the initial months and from there introduce them to barefoot walking shoes, providing them with necessary suppor in the early stages of walking. However, during colder seasons or when you are taking them outside to play, moccasins are a great way to introduce shoes into your childs everyday attire. Jack & Lily provides the best supportive moccasins to help your child both feel comfortable and confident in themselves as they begin to navigate the world. Find the Best Baby Girl Moccasins or Baby Boy Moccasins for your child.

  • Pre-Walker Baby Shoes

Between 6-12 months, babies begin to crawl. Babies begin their first strides these months. Baby shoes are to be equipped with the most updated technologies to keep your child’s feet secure, protect, and comfortable. A good hook and loop will help make it easier for you to put on and take off the shoes with ease. Jack & Lily’s signature flex sole allows for traction as well as flexibility for all day play.

  • First Walking Shoes

Between 12-18 months babies need a shoe for proper walking. These shoes protect your baby’s feet from the outdoors. Get the best Budget Friendly Sandals for Baby Girl that will support natural foot movement. A great addition to your child’s shoe collective is sandals! They are a fun way to dress up and outfit as well as secure your child’s feet during the warmer season. Shop Jack & Lily Sandals for Baby Girls for the upcoming sunny summer weather.

  • Toddler Active Shoes

Between 18-36 months the running phase of the toddlers starts. When they start running, you need to find shoes that is able to adapt to any activity your child might participate in and in any terrain. The most important aspect of these shoes should be a comfortable fit and grip. The shoes should not be too large, making it difficult to run and play in. Check out Jack & Lily’s sneaker collection for the Best Girl Toddler Sneakers and Best Boy Toddler Sneakers for your energetic child.

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